Orange Squeeze Beta Status

(site updated 2014/07/29, latest beta release 2014/06/09)

The Orange Squeeze beta program relaunched with version 2.5 on May 9, 2014. Also known as the preview program, it is intended to provide to you early access to new features and capabilities as well as provide us testing and feedback. The expected release date is Q3 of 2014.

If you find yourself frustrated by the state of the beta app, please return back to the released version of the app and check it out again when more issues have been resolved.

Major New Features

  • UI redesign, including an early version of the long-awaited "Light" theme (still in progress, please be patient)
  • Lock screen controls and artwork on newer devices
  • Notification bar controls
  • Multi-server support
  • Muzei Live Wallpaper integration
  • Better diagnostics support making it easier to submit complete log files.

Known Issues

  • The now playing screen is missing some key information, such as album, ratings, year, etc.
  • There is no one-click way to view the full-size, uncropped artwork. With most server versions you can view artwork from the three-dot menu ("Show Artwork"). What you see in the now playing screen is known as full-bleed and is intended to be cropped so that there are no borders on the screen, unless the artwork happens to fit your device screen aspect ratio perfectly.
  • There is some lag in visual responsiveness after changing track, etc.
  • Multi-source support is preliminary; moving players between sources is not well-supported.
  • There are no shuffle/repeat buttons on phone-sized devices.
  • "Light" themes need quite a bit of visual refinement still.
  • The current playlist UI is not complete.

Release Notes

2.5.0 Beta (2014/06/09)

  • Fix bug where search progress spinner would never disappear.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/06/01)

  • Fix an annoying crash introduced in the last beta. Only happened when two or more players were playing different playlists -- frequent for some, not for many others.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/05/30)

  • Browsing into items with the same name as the current item (e.g. "Boston" artist, "Boston" self-titled album) would not work.
  • A few crash reports in the [temporary] playlist view.
  • Assorted other fixes.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/05/29)

  • SqueezePlayer integration fixes. Will now prompt you to select a music source when launching with multiple sources connected.
  • Further improvements to mute/pause unmute/unpause on call received routines.
  • Attempts to ferret out some of the connectivity instability a few have seen.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/05/28)

  • Better behavior when device comes out of sleep mode with app often. If player and server still exists on network, you shouldn't lose your browse position any longer to a "Connecting..." screen.
  • Added some additional control options to the list of intents that the app will listen for, specifically some volume control options.
  • Fixed some situations where device would not pause/resume properly on receiving phone calls.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/05/23)

  • Added back in a temporary current playlist view, accessible from expanded now playing screen. This is not the final UI, just a placeholder to get the feature back in place.
  • Startup improvements when multiple sources are involved. Defaults to last user player if it exists, but after connections are established will fall through to autoselect a powered on player.
  • Connection dialog fixes.
  • SqueezePlayer integration fixes.
  • Fixed many download bugs.
  • Crash fixes.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/05/20)

  • General connectivity improvements, more sensible transitions between connected, connecting and disconnected.
  • Fix for not always loading customized root menu list.
  • A few UI tweaks and improvements.
  • Crash fixes.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/05/13)

  • Dark+Compact theme was broken.
  • Preliminary Light and Light+Compact themes added.
  • "Show artwork" from Now Playing three-dot menu was not hooked up.
  • Various state changes such as rotating the device and the screen turning off were resetting the browse tree.
  • Plenty of other small UI tweaks and bug fixes.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/05/10)

  • Several crashes fixed.
  • Checkboxes weren't working properly for Random Mix.
  • "Customize menus" feature was broken.
  • Up/back navigation wasn't working reliably when browsing.

2.5.0 Beta (2014-05-09)

  • Initial release.