OLD Orange Squeeze Beta Status

(site updated 2017/09/15, latest beta release 2014/06/09)

These features are not currently available in the beta, but will be gradually reintroduced over the next few months.

Major New Features

  • UI redesign, including an early version of the long-awaited "Light" theme (still in progress, please be patient)
  • Lock screen controls and artwork on newer devices
  • Notification bar controls
  • Multi-server support
  • Muzei Live Wallpaper integration
  • Better diagnostics support making it easier to submit complete log files.

Known Issues

  • The now playing screen is missing some key information, such as album, ratings, year, etc.
  • There is no one-click way to view the full-size, uncropped artwork. With most server versions you can view artwork from the three-dot menu ("Show Artwork"). What you see in the now playing screen is known as full-bleed and is intended to be cropped so that there are no borders on the screen, unless the artwork happens to fit your device screen aspect ratio perfectly.
  • There is some lag in visual responsiveness after changing track, etc.
  • Multi-source support is preliminary; moving players between sources is not well-supported.
  • There are no shuffle/repeat buttons on phone-sized devices.
  • "Light" themes need quite a bit of visual refinement still.
  • The current playlist UI is not complete.

Release Notes

2.5.0 Beta (2014/06/09)

  • Fix bug where search progress spinner would never disappear.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/06/01)

  • Fix an annoying crash introduced in the last beta. Only happened when two or more players were playing different playlists -- frequent for some, not for many others.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/05/30)

  • Browsing into items with the same name as the current item (e.g. "Boston" artist, "Boston" self-titled album) would not work.
  • A few crash reports in the [temporary] playlist view.
  • Assorted other fixes.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/05/29)

  • SqueezePlayer integration fixes. Will now prompt you to select a music source when launching with multiple sources connected.
  • Further improvements to mute/pause unmute/unpause on call received routines.
  • Attempts to ferret out some of the connectivity instability a few have seen.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/05/28)

  • Better behavior when device comes out of sleep mode with app often. If player and server still exists on network, you shouldn't lose your browse position any longer to a "Connecting..." screen.
  • Added some additional control options to the list of intents that the app will listen for, specifically some volume control options.
  • Fixed some situations where device would not pause/resume properly on receiving phone calls.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/05/23)

  • Added back in a temporary current playlist view, accessible from expanded now playing screen. This is not the final UI, just a placeholder to get the feature back in place.
  • Startup improvements when multiple sources are involved. Defaults to last user player if it exists, but after connections are established will fall through to autoselect a powered on player.
  • Connection dialog fixes.
  • SqueezePlayer integration fixes.
  • Fixed many download bugs.
  • Crash fixes.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/05/20)

  • General connectivity improvements, more sensible transitions between connected, connecting and disconnected.
  • Fix for not always loading customized root menu list.
  • A few UI tweaks and improvements.
  • Crash fixes.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/05/13)

  • Dark+Compact theme was broken.
  • Preliminary Light and Light+Compact themes added.
  • "Show artwork" from Now Playing three-dot menu was not hooked up.
  • Various state changes such as rotating the device and the screen turning off were resetting the browse tree.
  • Plenty of other small UI tweaks and bug fixes.

2.5.0 Beta (2014/05/10)

  • Several crashes fixed.
  • Checkboxes weren't working properly for Random Mix.
  • "Customize menus" feature was broken.
  • Up/back navigation wasn't working reliably when browsing.

2.5.0 Beta (2014-05-09)

  • Initial release.