Orange Squeeze 2.1.3 development

Over the past two weeks we've been staging rollouts of versions of Orange Squeeze 2.1.3, with version 2.1.3-5 released today to Google Play. This is an effort to bring the app back into compliance with modern Android versions including the upcoming Android O (Orange?). The release is stabilizing so it should be available to everyone soon on Google Play and Amazon.

Check this link for a detailed list of changes.

Work continues separately on the beta version of Orange Squeeze that was previously shelved. More information to come on this once we get 2.1.3 wrapped up.


Orange Squeeze 2.1.0 released

Today we released a new version of Orange Squeeze that is compatible with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). It's a small release but actually includes a lot of under-the-hood changes to work with the new Android release. We will be monitoring support channels to ensure that any new bugs are fixed quickly.

Orange Squeeze 2.0.17 released

Today we started rolling out a small bug fix release for Orange Squeeze. This is the list of fixes:

  • Fix some potential connection issues.
  • Fix an issue where app service would start on every phone call even if the preference to automatically mute/pause was not enabled.
  • Fix the behavior where SqueezePlayer was auto-launched as a result of phone call mute/pause actions.
  • Fix an issue where SqueezePlayer would be auto-launched and chosen as the active player during startup even when it was not the previously active player.