Orange Squeeze Beta

So, you want to live on the edge? You want to get freshest runnings from the Orange Bike Labs? Orange Squeeze Beta is for you. We test the newest features and bug fixes in these special channels. Long time users of Orange Squeeze note that development runs in fits and starts. Right now, the beta release is being updated 2-3 times/week but expect that to slow down to once a week on average. Check here for the current beta status.

You have two ways to play in the beta, so choose one and get started! Updates are pushed to both channels at the same time, so the choice is yours.

Google Play-based Beta Testing

This uses Google's built-in beta testing capabilities. There is a simple two-step registration process:

  1. Join the Orange Squeeze Beta Google+ community.
  2. Opt-in to the Orange Squeeze Beta.

You can opt-out of the beta at any time, returning to the production release of the app.

Orange Squeeze Preview Testing

If you want to keep your main Orange Squeeze and test the beta alongside, you can download the free Orange Squeeze Preview app and have them both at your disposal. It's free, as long as you have Orange Squeeze installed as well.